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Displays & Installation Art

If you're not interested in throwing an interactive art-making party, we totally get it.  It's not for everyone!  Instead, you may be interested in having us provide a temporary display, or "art installation" for your next event.  To clarify, this would be an interesting visual without the art-making experience.  Whether it be a theme-based display or a "living installation" complete with a costumed model, we can help! 

To find out pricing, contact us so that we can first assess your needs.


For those interested in permanant murals, we can put you in touch with several artists for which you can obtain proposals.

Want to hire a tap dancing, hoola hooping trapeze artist at your next event?  No problem.  Just let us know what you're looking for and we'll find the perfect entertainment for your special event, along with references and a guarantee of visual pleasantry, friendliness and punctuality.

We can also provide the best of the best musicians, photographers, magicians, you name it!



Music, live painting and more

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