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For kids!
We offer the same attention-to-detail and passion as we would for anyone who loves and respects art.  Your child's celebration will be unmatched in originality as we will work to bring his or her favorite theme to reality!  Please click above on "The Party" to view packages available.      
in helping to bring your child's dream into reality
With representatives in Chicago and New York City, we pride ourselves in planning and delivering customizable top-notch art parties for kids, teens and adults.  Art materials are provided, and at the conclusion of events and workshops, guests take home their very own one-of-a-kind masterpiece.   Click above on "The Party" to find out more about exclusive party packages.  Dates book fast so call ahead to book your event.
In addition to planning art parties, we get tons of requests for installations and/or murals.  Because of our extensive network of artists, we may be able to match you with an artist that would best suit your needs.  Click "Displays & Installation Art" above to find out more.
Fun, private and semi-private art lessons are also our specialty.  Click on "lessons" at the top right and contact us for details and scheduling.

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