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2015 Kids Summer Art Workshops

Chicago SW Suburbs





Ages 5-12



July 13 - 16, 2015

(Monday through Thursday) 



Daily rate: $50

Full program (discounted rate): $180



All meetups will take place at 21 N. Quincy Street in Hinsdale unless otherwise specified.


Monday July 13:

This day will be devoted to learning about sustainable art.  The kids will learn about and view artwork by artists who use natural elements as well as recycled materials in their art!   Students will collect their favorite flower petals and leaves.  (Feel free to bring your own garden bits if you wish to incorporate them!)  With these elements as well as donated fabric scraps, the children will create sustainable art.  NOTE: No tangible art will be taken home this day.  Instead, students will be asked to provide an email address of where to send digital photos of their "sustainable art". 


Tuesday July 14:

We will first create color pallettes from nature (gathering and sorting sticks, pebbles, leaves, flowers, etc).  Using these collected elements, the children will create interactive art books.


Wednesday July 15:

Students will be creating bookmarks by from natural elements found outdoors.  We will also be looking for patterns found in nature and using these naturally occurring patterns for inspiration in creating our own art.


Thursday July 16:

Students will learn how to create vibrant paints from vegetable dyes, and use these colors to stamp their own mandalas from potatoes!



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