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The new Art Depth

is not only an event producer but also offers customizable event planning, coordination and event day assistance for social, non-profit and business events.  Art Depth uses its special event philosophy to create one-of-a-kind experiences that cater to our client's vision while incorporating the creative spirit, leaving guests feeling joyful and inspired. 


Give your guests something worth remembering.

Art Depth also specializes in experiential marketing, unique fun-days and wellness programs for forward thinking brands.

Why clients choose us

You could hire Art Depth because you experienced one of our events first hand, read about one or heard testimony of our work ethic and overall transformative effect - in a sense turning what could have been an average event into an extraordinary one.  Each production is a work of art and our client's vision is top of mind throughout the design process.  In the end, what really matters is what Art Depth can do for YOU.

Art Depth gets to know each client, their likes and dislikes, and what they envision so that an expertly planned experience will align with the client's goals.

Art Depth understands that great design is not enough, and that logistics is key to a successful event.  With the planning of numerous moving parts, Art Depth keeps in mind the big picture and the details.

Art Depth considers all senses when developing an experience so that guests may truly be immersed in a delightful state when attending your event.

Art Depth is constantly on the lookout for fun and different ways to enjoy life!  The best vendors are the only ones Art Depth works with.  This means that preferred vendors are carefully selected and have unquestionable integrity in their craft.

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